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Astral One-Click Synthesis Improvement

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  • Astral One-Click Synthesis Improvement

    Atm if there's more than one non-locked astral of the highest rarity, the game automatically chooses the first of them (left to right, top to bottom) as the "main" astral to synth into.
    How about changing this to the highest lvl? If we wanna drop an already leveled astral into a lower lvl one of the same rarity, we'll do it manually.

    Earlier this week, due to inattention on my part, I this way accidentally synthed my lvl 4 orange Illusion astral into an orange Mysticality astral. Partly my fault, I should've paid better attention, however mishaps like that wouldn't happen if it were changed to automatically synth into the highest rarity highest lvl unlocked astral.

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    what if we have an astral convertor