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Helping others in MPD without wasting daily attempt

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  • Helping others in MPD without wasting daily attempt

    Hi all, I'd like to suggest a way for players to assist others in completing multiplayer dungeons without wasting their run.

    Similar to how there are checkboxes for using skeleton keys or not during a campaign blitz, it would be great if there was a checkbox when running a multiplayer dungeon as to whether the rewards or on or off, meaning you would be able to avoid wasting your daily dungeon attempt and still be able to help a group.

    This has always been a big issue as it many people ask for help hours before my daily dungeon group gets home from work and so I cannot help them, it is very disheartening to watch as a guildie struggles in vain to find a full group to get their dungeons done. Yes, they are trying to get a group of their own but not everyone can manage to meet every day at the same time and so they must instead wait for assistance.

    As for the Spire and Tower of Kings, I am not sure if that would be possible as well but I assume many would agree that allowing players to assist eachother in those activities as well would be something greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for reading!

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    But the thing is, I agree with you on this but, The latest patch we have saves a even more hours for helping other players since it is only one attempt unlike before the patch where people would do it at different times, spread out.
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      this is an awesome idea even if its only for the 1 mpd per day this would help a lot of people! this game seems to have more people out of there time zone than any other online game ive ever played and ive played about all of them since everquest


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        This is a really good idea, it's something I've been seeing a lot too, guildies asking for help, but no one available yet, because they still have to do their 60+ dungeon att.


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          This option comes in 2.0 patch