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vip tokens for the nonvip's

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    I am a free user and the VIP token issue doesn't bother me much... It did a little at first because you can't use them and you can't sell them for very much (I like the post VIP Tokens pile of ****!). But it didn't take me very long to figure out and accept just selling them to get them out of the inventory. It is actually a good marketing ploy (like people are saying), but the game gives you so much stuff already that you don't need more of an 'edge', just play smarter and if your not satisfied with what you are given, just play more. This game RAINS items, gold, gems, etc... on you. I have NEVER played a game that gives you so much stuff so often. But in the end, by the sounds of the VIP players, the tokens are **** even to them. So if they are '****' to everyone including the VIPs, there really is no imbalance towards the VIPs (involving tokens) and you could just consider it like getting the 'misfortune' astral... bad luck on the random picks.