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<Zodiac> - Recruiting all!

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  • <Zodiac> - Recruiting all!

    Hiya, Shermie here.

    (Now they have multiple servers, may I mention we're on Temple of Ibalize )

    Freshly started guild named Zodiac is recruiting, we're just seeking active and friendly players (level doesn't matter), currently a level 4 guild focusing on upgrading the shop to level 3. (we have guild shop, altar, skill tower and vault)
    We're mostly helping newer players learning the game and helping each other in Hall of Heroes and the farm.

    Apply ingame on the guild tab (shortcut - G) and type in Zodiac to apply, you'll be accepted as soon as one of us is online.

    Happy leveling!

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    ♥ Shermie ♥

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    Bump! Join it!


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      Bump and updated info =)
      ♥ Shermie ♥


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        Moved thread to Temple of Ibalize section and now you can stop bumping it cause there's only one other non-sticky thread.
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