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    Today I thought I might try Wartune due to the fact that it seemed fun, at first I thought it was going to be a boring Construction type game where you have to build things and each building costs this and that and takes time to build.

    I was suprised by Wartune because it adds a 3rd dimension to theses types of game for the simple reason that one can actualy explore the world and find hidden treasures and enemies. What seemed to make me attracted to this game is its simplicity, yet there seems to be an enourmous amount of gameplay to be done in this game. I have only reached level 23, but I can tell you 2 things.

    1. I will buy VIP for this game because it is one of the most addicting games that I have played in a very long time, why? I don't really know, the fact that you can do tons of stuffs, and the fact that I liked Crystal Saga at first for its 2D worlds and dungeons, this game includes most of this and even some extra benefits, so for this I'd like to give a big aplause for R2Games, nice one on bringing this game to the North American market.

    2. I will probably start getting active on the forums again because Wartune has brought me a regain of interest in R2Games, I feel like even if my CSR job does cause me quite some pain, I still have enough room in my heart to help thoses who need it, thus you will probably see me back and active on the forums in a nearby future. *Houray?*

    Ok now for the suggestions,

    Firsty, I'd like to see a Farm Ranking added to this game, even though you don't really develop the game, I'm sure there are ways of making slight changes like theses to make the game more attractive and challenging while still keeping the fun part of it. I personaly got my maximum 200 friends today and reached a level 9 farm before the 200 EXP locked me there.

    Another thing interesting would be the addition of other payment methods for VIP, such as PayByPhone or PayByMobile. Theses subscriptions can easily be deducted from one's account each month and it does enlarge the market for VIP users by a significant amount of people. Now I'm not to sure if you guys will consider theses but I hope you do. I have great hopes for Wartune, and so far I have yet to be decieved.

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