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top 2 guilds vs other servers top 2 guilds

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  • top 2 guilds vs other servers top 2 guilds

    As the post mention , i came across this concept cuz of all the server merges n alot of guild merges going on cuz of it.
    N sadlly there are only 50 spots in gbs per guild. So to spice things up n get more variation for the " team / guild play" aspect a guild batle vs other servers would be fun, just like class wars althou for guild. Can narrow it down to say 25 vs 25 ppl per side , each guild from diffrent server batle it out to become the no :1 guild
    post ur own suggestion regarding this topic or things u wanna add to this concept. Also i think this is a good way to keep the activetie in guilds more active.

    Following how i think it would be structured :
    2 times per week
    first to reach a certain point , as example 250 points
    5 teams of 4 ppl vs other 5 teams of 4 ppl , the total that reach 250 points win.
    all 4 team members alive = 50 points , a team member is worth 10 points.
    batles continue as staited first to reach 250 points win n moves on to next round.
    top 2-4 guilds per server is allowed to participate...

    TY 4 reading this n i would appreciate ur thoughts about the subject n support/ suggestion for improvements.

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    Nice thought!!!

    NICE one dear hope most of the people like it !!! but the no of members per team can be increased if not only big players get the spot lol so my suggestion is to have more player spots and about the points valuation i don mind however it is chosen!! and rewards can be same as guild battle or slightly higher!!! lol we can also call it "CROSS SERVER GUILD WARS"!! ....
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      I agree , was just throwing it out there to see how the intress is for it, the number per team can surelly increase n also the points.
      Rewards i actually haven´t spent mutch thought on, i was just thinking on how to increase guild activetie besides just guild wars.
      Or maybe u could say i wanna further developing it to cross server bg´s for a bigger variation of challangers.