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  • Pop Up Message and Spam

    Pop Up Message & Spam

    Everyone in wartune might have notice the unusual amount of pop up and spam.

    Every time you get in during Class War. You get a pop up message "TOP 100 YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT!!!", "PLACE YOU WAGER!!!"
    And not enough with that. We also got casual "NEW ITEMS IN SHOP!!!" and even every second spam in system "THAT GUY GOT 500K GOLD!!!"

    Seriously. WE DO NOT CARE!!!

    NOTE: Except for Farm, Guild Tree and Guild Altar
    Could you make just sit down and think about it for a moment. Do we really need all those pop ups and spam?
    Just take your time and think about how little we, as customers, would care if all this suddenly disappear after one maintenance.

    Let's make our world(wartune) a better place by removing ****, piece by piece.

    In advance, thank you.

    Nice to meet you o.o/

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    There's one more stupid pop up message "Items in the shop has changed!"
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      You really like me do you? xD
      Nice to meet you o.o/


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        Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
        There's one more stupid pop up message "Items in the shop has changed!"
        Remember the start of the servers? It was so peaceful :3

        Wouldn't you like to go back again?
        Nice to meet you o.o/


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          Roses. F**king roses. I swear to God if I have to live through another 10-minute nonstop rain of cashers spamming 99 Roses...


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            Oh god, rose wars. -.-
            There is nothing I hate more in wartunes than rose wars.

            My other favorite is "You can increase your BR by socketing gems". Seriously? I hadn't figured that out yet -.- And somehow I am apparently stupid enough to need to see it over and over.

            Farm weeding is my other pet peeve. I'm trying to read GC and someone weeds/debugs my farm 12 times. I DON'T CARE IF SOMEONE WEEDED MY FARM! IT DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE IN EVERY CHAT CHANNEL!


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              I got something more frustrating.

              Which I apparently forgot out of rage. "BR UPGRADE!!!" like we don't check our BR in the daily life.
              GOD I HATE IT SO MUCH!!
              Nice to meet you o.o/


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                Not just weed/debug. Reviving aka stealing crops.

                Also, every time Zebq logs on.

                Either cut all this **** out, or keep it in the System tab where all of it belongs.

                Oh, and guild tree. I don't need to know every time someone farts during tree time.


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                  Getting an astral red or orange is a fine spam since it's rare anyway you don't see it as much. I do agree about the rest though and especially during guild tree. I mean what if you want to talk to your guild in the chamber during tree time? You can't bc all the stupid spam when someone gets those contributions and ****. The least they can do is either implement something to disable those notifications messages or have it in a different color so it isn't blended in with guild chat as well.


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                    I would suggest to have a simply swift so you can enable or disable the system spam.

                    but then again. Wouldn't be able to see some that might be important.
                    Nice to meet you o.o/


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                      Shop items does make a big spam. Very annoying. I mean even they not notify my. I check shop almost everyday. The CW. Good thing I won this time, and I just spend 50 balens to shut their mouth up. Spam gone

                      I only like to see who got Red astral. Don't really care about who got Yellow or Finish Crypt as well
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                        I wish for a setting where I'd only see such system messages (astrals, making PvE/legend gear, the kind of important messages) from my guild members only. I really don't care about other people, but I'd like to congratulate my guildies on doing/getting something good.


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                          certain messages are to get them more money ."you can improve your br by socketing gems" actually makes some people think "hmm I just lost in the arena, I should buy another lvl 5 gem from the shop". The shop spam also encourages people to buy more. But there are some useless spams which should be removed like "completed the lvl 100 cata" which should appear just when they become spelunkers
                          The most annoying spam is the one about the contribution received for every mushroom, stone etc during toa when we can;t talk because of it. Since toa is usually right before gb, the g m tries to explain us the tactics but because of this kind of spam half of the tactics "are lost" and won't reach our ears(or eyes).
                          The 500 k gold is probably to remind you how good is to be vip but since the vip wheel is rigged and there is a 100% to get them I suppose it doesn't achieve its purpose to well, so I hope this spam should be removed as well
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