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For next update a little suggestion abt Mpd

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  • For next update a little suggestion abt Mpd

    Hello there

    shortly if we have 1 attempt per dungeons with 4 mode with all mpd nether forest to up ( easy,normal, hard,Nightmare)

    Point to note : it's not 1 attempt for all dungeons ( 1 attempt all dungeons)

    Reward will depend on mode and dungeon you select...

    Thanks for reading

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    what's the point to do this?
    well, for lvl 70+ it will be usefull considering they didn't had any complain considering they already free from penalty.
    But for lvl 69 below, they surely complain considering they got nothing (I mean exp) from other dungeon expect Moonevil and Demon.
    Plus, high lvl doesn't need any reward from dungeon 5/10 lvl below them (not including lvl 60+ that still doing Garden of Death Nightmare becouse they collecting item for lvl 50 legend set)

    And 1 major problem;
    How many hours it needed to finish all run? -_-
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      To be honest, finding team for 3 runs certain MPD doesn't sound easy
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        OP is suggesting it to be similar to ToK.

        Where you can obtain more reward by doing a higher level difficulty.

        What this means is... after players "unlock" the difficulty like in ToK, they can than group up and do any of the difficulty.
        And doing the higher difficulty will give greater reward, so there will bound to be a lot of players doing this (just like ToK).

        Except for pass Void MPD, where there's already a Nightmare difficulty for Legend Stone.
        However you can still add in Easy and hard into it where it either gives less reward but way easier to complete the dungeon.
        Or where it's harder than Normal but easier than Nightmare, but only gives you like 1~2 Legend Stones instead of currently "new MPD" 3~5 Legend Stones.