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Really wartune?

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  • Really wartune?

    When I first started playing I expected a lot of neat updates to keep it fun but instead we got the same old stuff packaged differently. I have a few suggestions.

    Why not have larger maps?

    How about guild wide MP's that take weeks to finish and sets of 4 can enter once a day to continue quests, routes and bosses. Make it large enough with enough things to do that even small players can keep going and not just depending on huge cashers to finish it all.

    Why do we have to locate enemies on the world map? Why don't enemies randomly attack us? Give players a reason to use the world map. Maybe looking for hidden treasures and have it look more like an MP than a fat map with cities.

    How about letting us do all our campaigns again but on nightmare mode.

    Speaking of modes. Add more levels of difficulty like the ToK.

    Why are we all stuck the same gear? I would think that an Role playing game would have more paths to choose and gear to find. Not a one or two size fits all. Its ridiculous. I don't mean new looks either. Wartune took the idea of new gear and put a band aid on the issue by just changing the look.

    How about more classes to choose from. I am sure this one has been suggested or how about letting us change classes?

    I have a lot more but one I really want to see is different skills added. I think by now players are tired of picking the same dang skills. It gets so repetitious and boring sometimes. I want to see some skills that use rage from all players in MP's. Maybe skills that do so much damage for X turns but decreases stats. Just a thought.

    Please put some dynamics in the game. Hours a day of game time is ok but keep it interesting and not so repetitive.

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    this will be coll to see new things got bored of this and y am lvl 63 done almost all things hope thei inprove this game if not the will start lose sonn alout of players alredy on mine server couple major casers quit or lose the char becouse of the facebook they neve do somtheg good the lagg is huge and thei dont care wait to see the day wend they gona make some changes on this game got bored alredy (((


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      I'm gonna keep going.

      Why are the battle grounds so crowed? We need more space, places to hide and hunt. Maybe add some more random enemies (NPC palyers) to battle. There is no strategy to the battle grounds except for some terd stay one level to beat up on others. Add more rewards and tasks to the battle grounds. Simply attacking each other over and over is boring.

      More mounts. More free mounts as well. Give these mounts different stat boost to players choose a mount for a particular quest and not just a different look.

      The city looks like it was tossed together from browser games available years ago. Our cities need some dynamics too. Instead of just upgrading a quarry have a Dungeon that we have to beat and the farther we go the more gold we earn.

      Changes to the stats and fighting ability. I wouldn't mind some changes that allow players to beat another with higher stats by using some kind of strategy. That might go hand in hand with my other suggestion of different skills to use.

      Another that's been suggested is being able to trade items or setup a system to sell or buy equipment from others. That would add an entire system of every changing item prices. Some days its cheap and others its expensive. It would depend on what that item is worth. Maybe have items like special buffs or equipment that lasts X days. These things could be traded, bought or sold between players. We could have "trade gold" used for that purpose. Trade gold would be gained by finding items to sell.

      Why do we only have 1 mp run a day or 1 necro a day? Raise the top level to 120 + but perhaps it takes much longer to achieve or a lot more activity online.

      Anyways, I wouldn't mind some feedback from other players on these.


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        Why is it so dang difficult to max out a stat? When I started playing I thought to myself, "WOW! I'll be super strong with level 80 soul engraving". "No one will stop me with a maxed out mount". Now I realize it takes a million dollar Zebq account to achieve such a goal. Even then we see it is not all that great of stats for the money it takes. Seeing Zebq is the biggest let down in the game. The reality of game play is that if the game tasks are not achievable then players wont even try. Does anyone know how long it would take a non casher or even a moderate casher to get level 80 engraving or just maxing out wings? I hope I am not the only one thinking this. I know wartune is chinese but do these devs really think the mass of gamers have hundreds of thousands to waste on a game? When I realized the cost to do anything was far out the reach of most people I swore that it was temporary or an error that needed corrected. I don't mind something costing cash but not the amounts wartune is asking. Again, some feedback would be nice. Maybe I'm just old and don't know how online games work anymore. Maybe what wartune is doing is what players want or is the way things are done now.


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          well there is a building between the arena ant the town hall that is "coming soon" which might be a trade house or something. Do you have any idea what that building will be? As for other changes...They are to lazy to even add some new bosses to the cata,I believe everyone is tired to say that eye again and again.


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            a P2W game is rarely fun unless you spend money on it.


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              I agree on all points you've brought here! THIS is the TRUE miracle and genius of a RPG game!...R2 listen up, this is what YOU must do. Show us you really care about the ppl who play here, and I mean the ones who don't spend ridiculous amounts of cash. Are you so obssesed with having only money you forget to do great things for EVERYONE and not only for the ones you're milking money from? Even they are tired of doing the same thing and paying money for good looks. Have you, R2 devs, thought about giving better looks for the ones that want only FUN from a game and not spending money on VIRTUAL things? Dear....but what I'm saying here. You don't listen to those who just want good hours to play a game they absolutely like and support it by promoting it, not necessarily spending tons of cash, anyway, I wish R2 devs look this thread and say: ''Damn, we should beat up that guy with a baseball bat, because he came with the idea of constantly milking money from people! If players like the game, they will spend or promote it to other players. And also take these ideas, they are great, they can improve balance between vip-s and non-vips and it does the game more entertaining.'' Dear, looks like even you didn't look up a book about Leadership. You're not the first ppl I saw doing that, but it shows some are just purely greedy and couldn't care less for others.


              P.S. + 1 to this cool thing
              Originally posted by R218901250 View Post
              I believe everyone is tired to see* that eye again and again.
              Last edited by leonidasRO; 08-29-2013, 03:14 PM. Reason: *I corrected his opinion and yes, I'm still disappointed.
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                Well about the wilds map, in Divine Comedy, A.K.A Chinese wartune, wilds doesn't exist anymore.
                I mean it makes perfect sense that they stopped with Erandel being 50+ and not adding new level maps.
                And about Tok, I doubt even Zebq passed NM with his team.
                Last edited by XiaSeoung; 08-29-2013, 02:59 PM.
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                  Why you dont post this all things on china 7road forum?r2 only develop this game, all they can do is take updates from china...lord...i understand you want more and more things to do, but live with this what you have - on new patch we get few more things to do.


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                    Originally posted by AnataOFAkku View Post
                    Why you dont post this all things on china 7road forum?r2 only develop this game, all they can do is take updates from china...lord...i understand you want more and more things to do, but live with this what you have - on new patch we get few more things to do.
                    maybe cause Google Translate makes English Paragraphs looks all weird?, LOL.

                    You would need someone that can type correctly in Chinese and post it up or send it to 7Road's service or suggestion or forum.

                    Because as we can all see already when someone post in engrish... it tends to get ignored, this same thing happens to Chinerish? (I have no idea what they would call it)


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                      im a active player....and this person really says what true lies behind wartune. I agree.


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                        I remember there were 3 mp then after the patch it dropped to 1. I love the trading goods thing. I have and had items for other classes but couldn't give it to another player; not even a guild mate that was trying to get it from a mp. It would also be nice if you didn't need so much of a single item just to synthesize a level sets. I've given up trying to earn stuff for level 40 set and just upgraded my gems to give a boost to what I have.