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  • Farm Upgrade

    How many times does this suggestion need to be asked?
    Isn't it about time for a farm upgrade? More available levels of seeds and more plots.

    I make one to three million on each world boss in 20 minutes, six million a day if I hit all three for an hour of my time.

    Farm? 30k an hour, and planting daru seeds is just plain dumb when you consider wilds. The dumbest thing though is 12hr seeds cost balens, so every night I have to plant a 4hr seed before bed.

    I believe at my level or with a redesign of the farming system, I'd should be making 100k an hour with lv5-6 seeds, 150k with balen/lotto seeds. As it stands I make 30k an hour free, 37k an hour with balen/lotto seeds. The farming aspect is almost not worth the time anymore.

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    strongly agree, its rediculous that farming essentially stops at level 30 for plots and the only thing you can do after that is upgrade the land level to get more, COME ON WARTUNE QUIT SLACKING, i mean there are level 70-80 now...


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      Those of us who have invested in leveling our farms should be rewarded for doing so!


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        You get 4 more vouchers per level... That said, it's kind of stupid that there's no real reason to keep leveling your farm past 30 beyond a few more vouchers a day.