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Farm and Seeds

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  • Farm and Seeds

    i have 2 characters, and this is my 2nd char.....i have been noticing that 1 hr seed on a lvl 1 land, and w NO ONE TOUCHING IT....i dont get the full amount of the seeds...why is that... example.. i planted 4500 1 hr seeds, and rec 3600...checked the log, shows no one touched why am i getting less....i also hv noticed this on my main

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      if the weeds and insects are located on your farm for roughly 5 min at any point then the amount u received gets taken down i checked this by weeding 1 plant but not the other


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        that does sound right....Never thought of that


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          I believe it goes by whether or not weeds/insects exist at the moment the seed "matures" (becomes available to harvest) and each is capable of reducing overall production by 10% (so if both were on your crops when they matured, you'd suffer a 20% penalty to production).