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Level 70 Legend Jewels Bonus Description.

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  • Level 70 Legend Jewels Bonus Description.

    A mage on my server made a level 70 jewel today, and I noticed the description of the bonus:

    Click image for larger version

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    which I thought was odd, because the other PvE (Legend) jewels have only this:

    Click image for larger version

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    Typo on the 70 jewel? Meant this way? Or a typo on the other PvE jewels? 10% less crit damage received is tasty, so would you turn to 70 jewels if you'd suddenly receive 10% extra crit damage from players (compared to having the 60/50 jewels on)? Obviously the 70s will have better stats, but still.

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    Typo (actually lack of detail) on all jewels prior to lv. 70. Tested and confirmed myself.


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      May I ask how?


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        stripped down as much defense as possible, while maintaining as much HP as possible, then had a friend use only auto-attacks (not an archer, since archer damage goes up as they crit due to buff, so eliminated that variable entirely) and only considered their crit damage as variable while I tested with 1x lv. 60 legendary jewel and 2x lv. 60 legendary jewel (the one being variable had nothing to modify associated defenses: no armor, no mdef). considered the compound variable associated with crit damage in relation to normal damage roll fluctuations. end result: minor fluctuations both scenarios - basically confirmed lv. 60 jewel set wasn't applying in pvp). Have also traded up from lv. 60 to lv. 70 jewels recently - overall stats slightly changed (actually lost defenses due to the refine stat types on my 70's compared to my 60's) - and again, no significant change. Spare's Delphic Sniper was hitting for the same amount of ginormous damage as it is now, the 10% would be most obvious there.