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  • Runes

    Can someone pls tell me the drop rate of the runes (blood and heal) as i have been in top 3 tank ranking and won all but 1 tank battle this week and not recieved a single extra rune. Also though from the day i turned lv35 i started tanks, now i am lv45 and still havent got one so pls someone tell me the drop rate as its getting frustrating.

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    saw it 3 time till now won all tanks x 3-7 acc per day ... you do the math .. no drop on me yet.


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      Very rare. i got a heal the other day but since I already had it. I didn't need it. This update pretty much screws over brand new player who couldn't get the runes right away. However, on the bright side of things you can lvl up your runes much faster now than before even with out spending cash.