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  • Academy/Technologies

    I believe we should be able to reset our Technologies at least once. I started this game with no clue and upgraded stuff in Academy that I shouldn't have being an archer. Now I'm stuck with it. It seems if we can reset skills and talents we should be able to reset Academy at least once.

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    Doesn't matter in the long run.
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      As Condor stated it really doesn't matter much. First Academy offers very little stats that if you only placed a few points in it won't make a big difference at all. Secondly, once you get enough kyanite and everything is up to the highest it can be you be ending up spending it on wasteful things such as matk for a patk class. Just because there nothing else to do with it. At least until we get that new wheel coming out. Either way though a few points in matk or something like that isn't going to hurt you at all. Very little stats and the only way it will hurt you is if you did like 50 lvls worth of it or something lol.


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        I'm lvl 58, 8 of my academy skills maxed, 3 lvl 50, 1 stays lvl 1.
        Trust me, it doesn't matter, you will max it out fast.
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