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  • Academy/Technologies

    I believe we should be able to reset our Academy/Technologies at least once. I stared this game with no clue as an archer and I leveled up stuff I shouldn't have related to my character. Now I'm stuck with it. I'm just saying if we can reset skills and talents for a fee why cant we do the same with Academy.

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    No real need to reset.

    At low level, most Academy skill doesn't make much of an impact.
    Such as level 20 Patk, that's only 80 attack added.
    Most Academy skill won't be good until you have them up to 40ish before they can be seen to make any difference.

    By the time you reach 50s, you'll have enough Kynaite to level most Academy skills.

    Than there's also those "Slow-Levelers"
    This means you only do certain objectives in game, like Catacomb while ignoring most Dailies that only give you EXP or ignore Bounty unless there's an event reward.
    (By doing this, it means you have more time to gather up Kynaite to level your Academy to your current level)

    They're also adding in later a Blessing Wheel where you spend Kynaite to gain a daily buff (because high levels complain about having too much Kynaite)

    Also, plundering other players of close level gives you more Kynaite (plundering VIP also gives more)
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      well you have what we like to call empty BR in those academy skills you dont use which can be good and bad in the end makes you look stronger then you are at first glance.
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