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  • Guild Error

    Can someone explain to me what this means because after merge for some reason 2 guys in my guild got this in there name

    Uploaded with

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    It's not an error. If you merged with an older server, then in the older server has a toon with same name, the toon on the newer server will have a "r2games_yourservernumber" at the end of your name.

    For example: You are in server 3 and have the name "apple", then you are merged with server 1 while there are already someone else named "apple" on that server. The result is your toon will be renamed to "appler2games_3".

    If you relogged after merge, you will have an option to rename your toon. Smart players use the server merge to rename their toon for free if they dint like their old names.
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