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This feels so odd

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  • This feels so odd

    Started a few weeks back and i gotta say this was fun in the beginning but now it feels just wrong.

    2. Arena matchmaking: This gotta be created by a drunk smurf right? U really think its a good match to put us up against ppl that 1 shot us? ***? not 3 ppl shooting even ONE SINGLE CHAR putting us al down with one shot.

    3. Tank matchmaking: Still fair to some part cause its new but yesterday of course it started. 2 heavy tanks and 2 rooks vs 4 rookie. thats 30 mins U can go do something else as the reward will be the same.

    4. Arena matchmaking. ITS TO ♥♥♥♥ big level range. I realise ppl that sell their house to play this should have an advantage but come on. Facing up vs a lv 48 at 43 is not really even close to fun. U put in cross areana I assume to have more ppl to use. Well USE IT AND TRY TO SET IT UP DECENT ATLEAST.

    al in al im mostl not playing anymore I start a duell a arena or a tank battle look at the opposition and realise owell im ♥♥♥♥ might aswell go get coffe. So basicly im paying to look at a boring as hell movie in which I know before hand that im gonna loose out on but I still gotta do this ** to get to the next level

    Its starting to feel like its pay not to play. more like klick and walk away.
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