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Rune question

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  • Rune question

    Currently im capped on my runes but in 1 lvl they will open up again for another.
    next after that is 60s
    So here is my question:
    I have a lvl 4 heal rune, and it will open up again at lvl 53 to go to a max of lvl 5
    if instead of lvl 5 i add enough runes to go to lvl 6, will i have a lvl 6 heal rune? or will it still be lvl 5 since im not supposed to have lvl 6 untill the 60s?
    did anyone try this yet?

    thanks in advance =))

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    no I did not, but since you can add xp until 13200 for lvl 5, I doubt you can add more until the server allows you to reach lvl 5