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Advertisements for this game are offensive

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  • Advertisements for this game are offensive

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    This advertisement was on a website I frequent. So, Wartune doesn't want women gamers? Really?! This isn't the first time I've seen this nonsense either. Come on, guys, how can you justify alienating over 50% of the population with this?

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    Hi, if you could please provide the link to the ad, and the link to the page it directs to, I can pass this along to the marketing team who has been working diligently to get all sites hosting Wartune to remove these ads.
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      The site was which uses google adsense to pick their rotating ads and they direct to I have accepted the skimpy clothing on the female toons and the fact that most of the artwork has girls in barely anything, but to flat out state that the game is male only? I just felt that that was a bit much, myself.


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        Keep in mind these advertisments arn't done by R2. These are other companies that have these advertisements. This doesn't just happen to Wartune either. If you go on Facebook most advertisements that are for mmos have the samething or something similar. I remember an ad for another game on facebook that stated something like. Save the sexy princess and have sex with her or something like that. Then when you enter the game it's a normal mmo with nothing adult in it.


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          Yeah, just like you're seeing a lot of ads saying 18+ 21+. Just marketing ploys to get more people in. None of those games are actually age restricted.


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            looks like the company is Google ads... LOL " which uses google adsense"

            Tho... many ppls have been saying this game is 18+ cause they saw ads in a lot of places.

            age restricted
            Doesn't really exist in NA market... it only does in some Asian countries that requires you to use your SocialSecurityNumber to register for game accounts.


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              There are countries that make you tie your ACTUAL identity to online games? That's disturbing.


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                Nice ad there.


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                  The ads I've seen only feature a character wearing one of the bonus outfits with a sun hat and a drink. The rest of the ads actually featured one of the classes getting reading to do battle with a level one enemy. I haven't seen this ad. And that's a good thing.


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                    BTW, did you know these Ads were actually first released by R2Games?

                    But sometimes in May, they got warning from ESRB about these Ads, since then R2 had been trying to remove all of them, lol. (I found bunch of articles about it)


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                      Its an insult on both sides really with sexist attitudes.
                      Its an attempt to grab at supposedly males weakness that when they see a bit of T&A even if it be a toon they won't be able to control themselves & want to play.
                      And an attempt to bore an endless hole into their wallets, based on the stereotypical thought mostly males only want to play video games, & are more willingly to fork out money because they generally earn more disposable income.

                      And its an insult to women portraying them as helpless scantily clad victims who need saving or s e x. Gotta laugh at some of the supposed female armor in some of these games.


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                        not only is such "armor" sexist, it is also impractical, an archer would want something light yet strong that covered most of the body to minimize risk of damage. These clothes are for the young males and merely a marketing ploy, unfortunately it also brings in the immaturity factor and the young males that simply want to bully and send nasty letters. I would like to see Wartune crack down on these people as well as crack down on alt use which would send a message to people and not just the hide their head in the sand mentality that I have seen for the last 7 months


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                          Have you ever seen the ad for Evony? It's way more ridiculous than this. No one could forget the "One Click for Roman ****." ads.

                          *hints: that censored word starts with Or and ends with gy.
                          Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                          Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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                            judging sexism on a scale does not excuse the matter...evony is also at fault for exploiting the curiosity and primal urges of young males


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                              Originally posted by Arlad View Post
                              Have you ever seen the ad for Evony? It's way more ridiculous than this. No one could forget the "One Click for Roman ****." ads.

                              *hints: that censored word starts with Or and ends with gy.
                              I've seen ads for wartune saying "You deserve an**** today. Which I found absurd. So they all the same things..
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