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    I think this might be the worse one yet.
    Click image for larger version

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      there is a difference between googling a ad and pulling up one that is actually current. that's what memory asked for when asked for pictures and link to where it went. what's happening here is a lot of skewing results. I could easily google "facebook hacked" and pull up the security issues its had before and all the "blogs" etc that list them to act like the entire industry is some failing thing that can't crawl out of a bucket.
      what we want,
      Picture of the ad in location on the webpage your viewing, copy of the url it leads to, actual proof. not hearsay.
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      you can often find the link by going into the page source or right clicking and clicking copy link location.
      If i wrote a article about how I felt about the community's on another site, course it wouldn't go down. but that is what I'm seeing people expecting. we at R2 are not going to hack your facebooks, your blogs, etc etc etc, to remove a post which you or someone else created to make those claims. sure someone can flag it. but that's about it.
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        Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
        Hi, if you could please provide the link to the ad, and the link to the page it directs to, I can pass this along to the marketing team who has been working diligently to get all sites hosting Wartune to remove these ads.
        And when you as a good R2 player, report an ad to the devs in a ticket, you get the response to "just ignore it, as it's probably spam"... That, imo, is not acceptable.


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          Actually there is a site that tells you which ads are displayed on which sites and date last seen.

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