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With the changes what is the best way to get Crystaloids level 3?

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    The big problem is that the experience reward from doing summoner has tripled.
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      jirwin from your post we understand that you are implying that it was better with 3 att,so yes it does sound like a complain at the first look as Karde said so you might want to rephrase it .
      As for the crystalloids unfortunately they are available just in mpd and shop but you should get the amount required pretty fast, especially if you chose the slow leveling method


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        dont bother with 40 set. make the 50 set if your an archer or mage.... or, do moon for months on end and buy the material for the other 2 items in cata and get the 60 set. Took me 4 months that way and another 2 or 3 to make everyhting fully legend.
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          Does it really matter if he sounded like he was complaining. For the one's who answered the question thank you. I needed the information as well.


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            mpd and arena shop.