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Crystal Saga and WarTunes= Different Forums

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  • Crystal Saga and WarTunes= Different Forums

    All to often while scanning for the forums of Crystal Saga and WarTunes I come across the same thing time and time again. People asking about WarTune activities or Guilds or whatnot on the CS forums. And CS questions about Events, Bugs, random stuff on WarTune Forums. I know to some it may not be a big deal but not all WT players play CS and not all CS Players play WT. So asking a question about one.. on the the others forums seems counter productive. Or you get posts in a CS forum bashing someone who asked a WT tune. =) Which is fine. Hehe. But since the thread was posted in the wrong spot... and the basher usually hasn't even played WT.. it seems to back up my claim that some people just cant read or maybe they don't understand the forums. Obviously at the top left of the page it says Forum>Wartune or Forum> Crystal Saga. You don't need Sherlock Holmes to crack the mystery about what forum you are on. So Please. No more whining about CS or Eggs or events on Wartune forums. Crystal Saga used to be a Good game. I even plan on coming back at least for for the Anniversary to see what they have planned. But the game styles are very different. I myself prefer WarTunes. So please try and keep the two seperated. =) That way relevant info is kept together and you don't get random threads about another game when people are searching for useful advice. Thank you.
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