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    OK R2, New Servers are a great idea...if you have an abundance of people trying to play and the servers you have just aren't enough. Problem is, on our server (93,96,99 merged server), seems there aren't even any new people, just new alternate accounts, but tons of inactive players. How about modifying off line time longer and lowering standard like in guild or spent balens, if they
    spent balens and you remove them say after 6 months of inactivity, just keep it in a log of removed players and reimburse it upon returning to activity. then maybe merge more servers so
    activity on it picks up again, guilds can flourish again and not struggle w/ recruiting for people that play, and competition increases for game play, and hey you know..people might spend more to keep in the game (ooh R2's ears perked, lol) Eliminate Guild membership from non deletion item, most guilds have all inactive players. Think its time for R2 to bring some life back to the current
    servers and not make new ones just to die out later and also hey R2? It would be cheaper than creating new servers too! What a concept! Just my thoughts, comments are welcome as always! - TomCat S93

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    I agree I think they should merge all servers into like say 100 servers at most. That may even be too much but at least it have more life to each server.


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      We all do need server merge.
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