Now obviously I have no idea what type of events this game could have. Or even what rewards they could offer. But as with most games... events happen. Eventually anyways. So since I haven't seen a thread for this yet I thought I would kick one off with a few ideas. By all means Add any if you think of some good ones. You never know. A GM might like some of the ideas.


So a 24 hour event or 12 hour event for 3-man battle Arena. The length would be up to the GM's. But I think that would be a huge draw. And allow people who cant usually do it because of the time a chance to do it. Or make a week long event with x2 Insignias from regular Arena. I think either one would be an awesome event. 3 vs3 arena is one of my favorite things in the game =)


A quest where you have to kill each Boss again ( redoing each map) to gather materials for your reward. Let it be a bonus pack, a weapon, Gold. whatever.

These are just 2 quick simple ideas. But enough to get the thread rolling. =) Hope to see a bunch of great ideas soon.