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Tank Runes...Really?

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  • Tank Runes...Really?

    So finish tanks, get the basic rewards and get a healing rune from a pack....message pops in world chat "congratz to (person) for getting healing rune x1"....since I have it already i exchange for 1! regular rune stone instead of the ~10 that the pack normally contains.

    Let me get this right? I'm super lucky to get the WORST POSSIBLE reward from the pack, lucky to the point of it being utterly useless and a message to everyone on the server saying how utterly unlucky I was? Why not make the exchange 1 healing/brutality/blood rune for 10 regular runes? or at the very least not spam world chat with ANOTHER message of absolutely no importance?

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    But for someone who dosent have heal runes your drop is very lucky.


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      i will swap u i have 238 runestoned and no heal or blood


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        Thats all well and good, and I'm not at all saying they shouldn't be in the packs but at least give us that already have those runes a fair exchange. +50 rune EXP is nothing, and there are enough random all message spams (like 500 gold from VIP wheel, or orange astral capture)


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          They should make the Rune Exchange "Hot Event" a perm function.

          And increase the amount of Runestone you get from exchanging.

          IE: Heal/Blood exchanges for 10 Runestone (the minimum you get from Victory Chest)

          While also increasing the amount for the higher quality Skill Rune exchange.

          PS: we had a Guildmate returning after 3 months of absence, this gave me the idea of why it should be Perm, especially for Brutality (Guildmate was level 51, way pass the level that unlocks Brutality).


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            Nor me. and I have a maxed level of Brutality Rune + 166 runestones saved and no Heal or Blood runes.