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Need opinions!!!

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  • Need opinions!!!

    I have a lv 43 wizard and i dont know what i need to make 40 legendary set ( PVE ) or to go with 35 set and buy lv 45 set? I will go with 40 PvE or 45 set to lvl 55 when buy lv 55 set. So...what is more convenable to make: 40 PvE set or 45 set? I need serious opinions and as many possible.

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    You tend to lvl fast around this time - at 50+ you start to lvl slower, i'd go with the 45 set, it takes ages to collect the legend stones for them to be worth it by the time you get to 50, 50 legend gear can help alot with obtaining the stones for 60+ gear though.
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      I'd suggest going for lv. 40 legendary set - skipping 45, 50, and going straight for 60


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        go for 40 and then for 60 like sin sayd


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          well there are to ways of lvl up: slow leveling and fast leveling. If you prefer slow leveling you should definitely go for the pvm set


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            Ok serioulsy you are willing to spent time and money for level 45 PVE set or 40 PVE legendary set. You must be jocking right. Level 55 PVP set eats characters either with level 40 or 45 PVE legendary set for breakfast so why loosing time on those sets at the beginning. You shuld progress quckly to level 50 and than go for PVE 50 set whic is better than PVP set (spent time stall, upgrade your BR, academy.....) or PVP 55 set and strait to 60 PVE set (takes ages to make it legendary). I am only loughing to those who are suggesting souch nonsense. Trust me level 40 or 45 PVE sets are not worth time or gold to make them at all. PVE 50 legendary could take you straith to level 70 PVE set with a bit of help ( balens or freinds) helpin you in level 70 MPs.
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              Skip 40 set. Go for 50 leg or 55 pvp (if you dont have groups to farm 50 leg stones).
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