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    Yes Chomp, it's not enough yet Finally someone can understand me, like Airamody.
    The vip system must be simplified and improved.

    IGN: WezzyBahamut
    Server: S4-Realm of Kiriyos
    Class: Warrior
    Guild: Genesis


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      Well, vip is currently not worth buyng - i wonder actually why You bought it when You had al the vip's benefits stated clearly. It needs a little boost. I would rather spend cash on gems or other IS items. Well it was Your choice to buy it.



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        yea u r so regret to upgrade to VIP -.-
        stupid wheel (60times)all gv me the god damn seed and potion


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          Originally posted by Airamody View Post
          All the (troll comments) come from None Vips please dont let them get to you it is us the cash users(Monthly,Weekly or Otherwise) that pay the salaries of the people who made this game and maintain it period. If we did not do this then this game and many more would not be here. Then they(trolls) would be somewhere else trolling, and adding Neg Comments to get folks off topic and try to get them upset in a forum.

          Now to address your Topic:

          Yes VIP is useless here it seems the way it is now at least we(I am a VIP on Server1) should get more. What do we get now as a VIP?

          1. Exp bonus in dungeons
          2. Vip Cheat Me Wheel spins
          3. Upgraded Castle to get robbed more on the world map
          4. Extra VIP Quests? Huh right they just added this today and the quest gives out 5 VIP cheat me wheel coins hahaha
          5. Oh yeah we get a weekly gift pack with nothing really useful in it. And this weekly pack is the best of all the so-called VIP bonuses we get!

          I say yes to your Idea of added features for being a VIP in this game or I am going to cancel being a VIP in this game totally and I am sure other VIP's will do the same. They really need to do something fast I am starting to get board with this game from down time between events or waiting on timers cool downs.
          I hardly do challenges now and this game has only been up a few weeks!

          I hope someone who works here and can make a Difference really reads this thread if they don't they are going to lose money hand over fist from VIP's like me and you(the person who started this forum) cancelling out monthly 7.99 and maybe even going to a different type of game.

          i agree to this reason this why i dont get that vip its not worthy. even those vips i talk to in my server they say the same. btw i love that cheat me wheel XD i preserve that 2 hr vip before i use it on when i got those 150 vip token guess what i only get crappy things ***.


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            Here is a solution to increase ur farm level fast
            Make alot of friends and HELP them

            World Chat with only Bullhorns
            DO NOT CHANGE IT
            Less spam
            Less problems mmm
            Doesn't matter weather ur a VIP or a cash player or a non cash player if u wanna chat on WC buy bullhorns (they are cheap)
            If u wanna level farm fast follow my way Make ALOT OF FRIENDS AND HELP THEM
            Learn the search function and use the search function help r2 by reducing the threads which might have already been posted

            I am a 100% Noob


            Become a friend and be kind

            hate and violence only brings wars which will lead to casualties

            MY GUIDES:
            [Guide-How to reduce lag]



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              People seem to lose sight of the fact that unless you have (players) as a whole you don't have a game. IF all these free people just up and quit you'd be crying for a server merger down the line. The other thing that irks me is people with vip don't see the kinda benefits they get late game and want more. You guys are pretty greedy. Lets get one thing clear though. The people who pay the salaries are the power players. Not the I want to be mister entitled cause I spend a few dollars a month players. I could name a few people easy who have each dropped an easy thousand in this game and have no problem with the vip status. (other then the vip wheel being a pos)


              • #22
                First of all, I am a VIP.

                Regarding the automatic checkin thingie, You have to log into the game for it to checkin. That means if you are on vacation, helping family chores or whatever and miss like 1 day to log in, you WONT get the check in. What it does is that it aids you to click that CHECK IN button when you are logged into the game. That's all.

                More friends. More farms to steal and more friends to be stolen from. whatever.

                VIP Wheel. I observe that the things on the wheel are much better when you are of a much higher VIP level. As of now, the things on the wheel are only 1 or 2 level 1s, some level 2s and so on (with the usual lvl 6, 7 gems which you will NEVER get. LOL).
                Note that the level 1 could be seeds or luck stone. And when I use 1 token, I still could get a green item instead (lvl 2 or better). Usually lvl 3 endurance potion.
                On some occasion, I get the seed. But its not a normal seed. I have 1 for insig, and 1 for voucher. 12 hours harvest time.

                Bonus devotion and kyanite: These are really BONUS and it helps shorten the time and effort for them. These are good. Don't have to complete stupid devo quests and I can basically save 1 farm slot for more gold. or whatever.

                Honor loss: no comments. maybe u will feel the difference towards the endgame.
                Mystery Shop items: hahahah. up to you.
                Appearance of Castle: What previous poster said. Make it a toggle rather than no choice at all. Or let us at least CHOOSE from few basic appearances. Eg, eygptian house, Asian Houses, Greek, Romans, etc.

                Last but not least, VIP players are only paying 7.99 per month. They are different from Balenors (cashers). Although most VIP are also Cashers, there are Cashers who are not VIP.
                Seen a player without VIP status, yet their equipment have max sockets? <== nonVIP cashers (or cashers who quit VIP).
                Arguably, they, the Balenors are the real people funding the game.

                And without the F2P players out there, cashers/VIP will have no one to pick on.... >_< Then, it will degenerate into whoever got the MOST $$$ n the LEAST social life wins the game....