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Cottage question

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  • Cottage question

    I was almost through level 33 when I started getting the mesage population to low upgrade cottage when trying to recruit more troops. This happened earlier so I got to level 34 and built town hall and cottage. I get the same mesage when trying to recruit troops. It has taken me 3 days to level up to 35 without troops. I built town hall and cottage again, same mesage comes up. I have not built any buildings since level 33. I did however raise my academy and baracks with out in game prompt. I now only have troops that I find in battles such as level 25 huntera's. This is my very first time playing and I am sick of farming, I need troops. I have mesaged support and have recieved 3 mesages back with their form letter of clear cookies ect. ect. This has not worked.

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    You have to remove those lower tiers troops (sell them) which will then free up your "population" space for better and higher tier troop.


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      oh yeah, right ... lol, u probably have a bunch of crappy troops there, get rid of them and keep 1 set of good troops.... gryphons are good for ur level.
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