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Some Suggestions

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  • Some Suggestions

    Here's some Suggestions:

    1. Have banners on top of guild battles showing each Ward Tower status. Nobody can see anything with everyone crowding the wards.
    2. Use that stupid advertising space on the right of the screen for a real communication tool..
    3. create a cross server "pub" so we can duel, maybe wager one on one with cross server guys 4x4 even. More importantly, communicate and share ideas without fighting at all. I am sure r2 can create a "pub store" and sell us ****.
    4. get rid of roses and call them tokens or beers or something so I am not sending "roses" to another guy. The friendship system is way more than "express your Love Here!"
    5. please allow me to designate an asst to summon tree. I know you say just transfer guild to one, however, you do not take into account that I have the Sand Rider, and I dont want to transfer her. Since the rules aren't clear on that, I'm not chancing it.
    6. Add some other way to get crypt tokens, or add 100 levels to crypt. Most on my server can beat lvl 100 with auto attack, not even afk. Its boring already.

    Thanks, I have many more, but lets see if anyone likes these.

    GM of Heaven
    Kabam S15
    Kabam S15

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    6. That's why there's the necropolis. Doesn't give crypt tokens, but it's anything but boring.


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      Originally posted by Atomslaya View Post
      6. That's why there's the necropolis. Doesn't give crypt tokens, but it's anything but boring.
      Anything but boring, yet nowhere near exciting. It's a way to sell crypt keys, and it's not even worth setting foot in there unless you can get pretty far (read: jacked-up BR)


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        I agree with the Assist. GM summon tree if Gm isn't around