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Holly Seal runed this game!

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    Originally posted by ArchersCheat-44 View Post
    Tbh, with all this whining, I hope they put Holy Seal into Class Wars.
    The forums will be so much more entertaining then :')
    Could totally be pleased with that. Then I wouldn't have any trouble with those pesky lower 70s who mega cashed beating me by HP, just stun em right before the timer runs out and heal!! lol. Can just hear the whining now xD
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    • Originally posted by ArchersCheat-44 View Post
      You mad mate? I'm level 39. I don't use Holy Seal or get it used on me.

      When I had my level 62 account on server 37, I had maxed my holy seal and no one could stun me.
      Build your character right and you wont have to moan :')
      I'm guessing you could get stunned since the max at lvl 62 is HS 10. Level 63 you can upgrade it again. Hence the posts about people without real honor using it to bomb others in BG in the hopes of grabbing some fake honor. Gotta give some respect for the people who win without taking advantage of that though.
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      • I'm level 52 and I have max. Holy Seal. I'm really OP like young folks usually say. I stun noobs left and right (middle sometimes too) and I have no shame about that. Holy Seal duration should be increase by 6 turns and only way to use Holy Seal is by using your CC.


        • if u have HS maxed , then i will call u noob for many reasons .

          1. HS is less damaging to so called "noobs" u say.

          2. shows how undependant u are with your inner self and your skills.

          3. shows how unworthy u are of your class and the shame you bring upon the ppl who really grace their char .

          4. let me tell why i call u noob . HS is less damaging compared to other normal skills . it just shows u cant even lay scratch on a noob coz u are afraid he might take u down . just imagine that.

          u cant show that u are OP by using a nerf skill . u have to endure it .

          and if i was at your level and fought with u , i swear u would have taken my fun in an instant ,even if i won or lost.. u fight noob and use HS lolz

          there many guys i fought in bg , duel, ga , and still remember and grace despite wins and loss coz the fun we had was uncomparable to that low failure and victory text.

          i think u should think about that too
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          • Maybe I'm a 127K BR knight with level 87 Holy Seal that was just trolling? Who knows!


            • Originally posted by Eskendal View Post
              Maybe I'm a 127K BR knight with level 87 Holy Seal that was just trolling? Who knows!
              i find knights very fun to fight in ga , just makes me wanna go back to the game right now
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