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  • Questions Questions ^_^

    HI guys... can i ask about this?

    1. what is the best crit for level 60+ knight because from my calculation after i created the last piece of my level 50 leg armors and wear it i can have 2500-2600 depends on the refined stats and also that is with 4 level 5 crit gems?

    2. i'm almost gonna level up to 60 my current br is 38k still using level 40 legends. i would like to ask if my planned gem build is OK patk, pdef, hp, crit or "suggest" far more gooder by the way that gem build is only for armors not rings and jewels?

    3. to make 50 legend rings and jewels or head to 60 rings and jewels to save tokens and rods?

    4. i also plan my gem build for my rings and jewels and i wanted to ask if it is OK too? patk, mdef, hp, crit or patk, pdef, hp, crit or replace crit to block or another def gem?

    5. just wanted to thank you all XD and sorry im bad at english i hope you understand