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Lag on the server

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  • Lag on the server

    my question is,will wartune staff ever take a look and fix the lag problems?if you die in catacombs no chance of revive and keep on going before you relog since with the lag you get 100% you will die again,in arena solo after the 1st duel you got to close arena or same thing relog,in mps if you die you have to relog coz no chance of going and fighting again before the boss kills you lag takes care of you its just getting annoyng.w8 for a few weeks now to see if the lag problem will be solved but seems no1 cares about it and its not my pc or graphic card and for shure its not my internet since i have 50 Mb real fiber connection.and i did a format on my pc just to make shure same problem,cleaned out the browser files also same problem only thing that can be is that is coming from the server.

    thank you in advance.

    Edit:sry forgot to say the server i am playing on is 308,idk if any other servers have the same problem:P

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    312 is the same way but worse!!! they need to do something because I have business internet with time warner and my internet is top notch. Please do something about the lag.....its killing everyone's vibe about this game!!!


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      big lag usually comes after patches but the patch lag already went of so the server is populated or is your pc/interent conection fault