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multi arena: lvl 24-28 vs. lvl 40-45?

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  • multi arena: lvl 24-28 vs. lvl 40-45?

    well..since this is the official site.i guess this is the right place to post.

    we were having an event in the arena(FB) with a lvl of 28 and my fellow guildmate lvl 26.both of us having BR of 4k above.then our third member was a VIP lvl24 having BR of 7k above. ive played this game for a year and everytime i play in multi arena we only fought those players having with the same level or BR or maybe high but not as high with lvl40... LEVEL 40??? is this really happening now?is it because of the new patches? and guess what..most of them are VIP' they are more doubled/trippled from as. its kinda feel unfair!!!

    waiting for some expert explanation. i dont think its about the BR.

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    the game matches group arena by level.

    If it does not find anyone to match you against in first 15 seconds you can be put into any bracket. Since there are not many people pre 30 doing arena you can tend to get people outside of your lvl range more often