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make the knight not such useless

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    Frigging knights that don't know how to avoid hitting the troops should frigging really learn to play.

    Let me lay it out for you, first you use holy seal, doens't even matter if you stun or not, what matter is that you hit the player, not the troops, next ultimate slasher which will hit the player, since you just damaged him more than your troops could ever damage the other guy's troops, then you use brut rune and use ultimate slasher and whirlwind with it. After you could even use another US if the player isn't dead by then.
    The only trouble to this strat could be mages, since they can heal themselves after the initial HS if you didn't stun them. But doing so means they need to spend 35 rage on healing, which means they can't aoe spam as they normally would want to, seriously hampering their own effectiveness.

    In short: FRIGGING LEARN TO PLAY before complaining, knights are awesome lvl 50-60+, they're hard to begin playing with, but at later levels there's no better class for pvp