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demon temple nm 1st boss requirements

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  • demon temple nm 1st boss requirements

    hi, I would like to ask you if there is anyway to know if you are ready to kill the first boss in DT NM before you lvl up to 65. I mean if for example we manage to complete moon nm mpd would that mean we are ready?Or could we actually kill the 1st boss in temple without being strong enough to complete moon nm. What br/defense/attack do you advice us to have before trying it?I saw I video with that boss and I saw that his single front attack is really powerful, is it a patk or matk attack? Any advices on how to defeat him?ty
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    patk boss. 81k br mage here. tanks for my guildmated daily


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      boss is patk

      have a good tank pdef 15k+ with plenty of HP (about 70k) in case of crits, focus heal and blessing for tank and suntoria for non-tankers. will need at least a PvE mage set or 2 to keep up heals since no more common rage runes

      boss atk sequence if i remember is high damage 25K+ front x2 followed by aoe. aoe is not a big problem. heal the tank so they also get extra 15% def

      boss also buffs up 100% or so at around 2 bars left so make sure he is slowed to scatter immediately as one hit can kill ur tank and the rest will die also
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        me only 68k br knight with 49khp,16k pdef,11k mdef knight can tank it with apolo, yeah you need a pve mage,pve archer, and 1 more any class,
        also try it without apolo skill, we passed it even the tank down on last hp bar
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          With good teamwork you can reduce all requirements so exact BR requirements are hard to even approximate. After passing Moon NM without any deaths you should be able to pass the 1st boss without a problem. However, it would definitely be the best if you simply tried it once. Just use up your daily attempt on a Moon NM that you're doing anyway and try DT NM afterwards. That way you won't lose anything but time.