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List of all guilds?

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  • List of all guilds?

    Is there such a list in the game or even on the webpage?

    I do not want to piddle around with the match me button for an hour to see what different guilds pop up.

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    What the what!?
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      As I said a list of all the guilds.
      Not some suggestions.
      Not best matches for me.

      I don't want people randomly inviting me to join one.

      I want to look over a list of them all, and based on their name and info join one.


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        I agree. I want everyone to be able to see my guild name, please !!
        and make players more interested to read the guild introduction as many players that are applying to my guild seem not to read the intro that I have written


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          there is a list
          click on ranking at the top , it's a little button under the map button. click on ranking and it'll show you all the guild on that server by their level, or by their total strength.

          good hunting
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            Unfortunately that is -Not- a list of the guilds. It is a list of the top 100. It doesn't show the weakest guilds at all. I want to be able to see even the weak ones.

            The rankings list doesn't let you read the intro for the guild either. All ranking does is tell you the level.


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              there is no list and there will not ever be a list you will just have to find a guild from the top 100 and yes if you click the guild it displays the information of the guild oh so much work to do....
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                Unfortunately I am not looking for a guild. It is good that someone confirms there is no such list. I've had so many people tell me there was.

                I was wondering if I could read the intro for other guilds while a member of one. Sadly no (if in a guild clicking on their name will Not show their information) but thanks for the answer.


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                  I was looking for something like this myself. However, afterwards I thought that it might be pointless. What is the point of a guild except to just get guild skills, market access, etcetera? You can do that with any guild. Join the biggest one and help build it.
                  It would only make a difference if the guild is rigorously policed and for a special purpose which they consistently try to do. And honestly, I don't know if there are guilds like that out there.

                  I did think of using a Guild as an easy way to broadcast certain intentions. For example, I was thinking of starting a guild called "Quest Complete". The idea would be that everyone who joins the guild implicitly agrees to the following:
                  (1) Crop stealing - You plant your own crops and leave it alone for everyone else to harvest and revive. We can discuss amongst ourselves what crops to plant.
                  (2) Limited Farming Help - If you can no longer get XP for helping with a friend's farm, STOP. Let someone else get that XP.
                  (3) Raiding - Everyone in the guild can attack each other (well, actually I'm not entirely sure this is possible -- just an idea). So that everyone can complete that daily task.
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