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  • Show's hopefully useful suggestions

    This game is quite good compare to some other similar ones i've played before, and in order to help improve overall game play, here are my humble suggestions.

    1. In game clock. (So we can refer server time easily to World Boss, Party Arena, Reset)
    2. Reset timing. (No further info needed, you got enough complains already)
    3. Wild Map. (A map that show the full Wild Map, Including your city and where your hero is so we can easily move around knowing where we are)
    4. Levy. (As we use more gold compare to the miserable amount that you levy, i suggest add it up to 10 levy, and add another additional 5-10 more that requires Balen to levy)
    5. Stamina. (Increase Stamina or decrease the usage of stamina for dungeons.)
    6. Crystaloid for level 30 above gears (It simply amuses me that you only need 5-8 level 1 crystaloid for 20 gears and 50 above for 30 gears.Lower it please)
    7. Vouchers (Give us more options for usage of vouchers, runes in shop alone is simply pathetic)
    8. Experience (An area where you can AFK like Altar of Ennoblement where you can gain experience so players are more willing to be on for long period of time)
    9. Approve all of the above
    Crystal Saga
    IGN: Sunhwa
    Sever: Windshear Peaks
    Class: Hybrid Priest
    Plane: Eidolon
    Level: 6x
    Pet: Teeka , Burning Angel , Firelord

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    Crystaloid is being a problem for me, i play a lot and got just 30.. need 50 to forge my 'super gear lv.30'
    IGN: WezzyBahamut
    Server: S4-Realm of Kiriyos
    Class: Warrior
    Guild: Genesis


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      agree with the crystaloid suggestion, the price to synthesis a lvl 30 purple gear is too expensive - 50 crystaloid per piece. On average a person can get at most 15 lvl 2 crystaloid per day if they have 15 purple keys in their pocket each day otherwise it's just 10 crystaloid/day. It would take us at least 4-5 days to complete one piece of lvl 30 purple set so it's 16-20 days to complete the whole set... by that time I would become lvl 40. So plz consider of lowering the required crystaloids for synthesis lvl 30 gear (10-20 is the best)


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        I suggest you to do Dungeons, at "The graveyard" i got x6 Crystaloids at once! The monsters like to drop it there.. So it's a bit fair.. imagine 100% of players getting those Crafts easilly? no way, You need grate a bit to deserve it xD~
        IGN: WezzyBahamut
        Server: S4-Realm of Kiriyos
        Class: Warrior
        Guild: Genesis


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          For vouchers, you can actually use them on most things that require balens.
          (increasing bag size, astral bag size, construction team, resetting skill points etc)
          Just hunt around and they pop up
          ♥ Shermie ♥