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Arena Request....

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  • Arena Request....

    I wish that the arena can be done 3x per day....Around 1:00 to 3:00 servertime for the 3rd arena match.....That could make those who missed the activity happy .Am i asking too much?

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    I would prefer 3 times a day as well for an hour. The two are too close together .... I have to miss sleep one way or another. BG does not need a full hour, neither does tank wars. Maybe start bg at 9, tank wars at 9:30, arena for an hour then wb. You could do this 3 times a day I am sure
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      Maybe change to a server fitting you sleeping needs better?

      However, I wouldn't mind an extra, maybe not that late, say 20-22 or 22-00 or 23-01. and change the first one to 08:00-10:00 or 09:00-1100.

      To spread it out during the "awake hours" of the server time(08:00-00:00)