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DESIGN of Armors and Weapons!

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  • DESIGN of Armors and Weapons!

    Hi all! So, Just the design of Weapons and Armors can change de apparence of your Character?

    I'm thinking to buy some new itens to change it.
    I don't know if i try to get Lorekeeper Set (lv30) that can be crafted at "Blacksmit" (easier) or if i wait a bit and try to get the Soulmaster Set (lv35) at the "arena shop"

    I would like to see the design of both, anyone have the Image to post?
    I'm sure that set lv.35 is better. but i don't know about apparence.

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    IGN: WezzyBahamut
    Server: S4-Realm of Kiriyos
    Class: Warrior
    Guild: Genesis

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    lvl35 set robe make ur mage looks like a sir
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    U can submit a here
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      I want to see TwT" ....
      IGN: WezzyBahamut
      Server: S4-Realm of Kiriyos
      Class: Warrior
      Guild: Genesis


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        About designs..
        I have noticed this thing with charracters and avatars, that when you change avatar appearence it doesent change your charracter appearence.
        Now there is 3 differend types you see of your charracter in game.

        1. At the charracter status bar 2. Charracter in game 3. at Stats page.

        Stat page show original mage appearence, but the charracter in game and at the status bar looks differend then that.
        Would be nice, that when you change your avatar, it would effect the game charrater aswell.
        I realize this might bring up some maintainence difficulties, but if there would be limitations for changing appearence?

        But totally appearence of the armors and weapons are quite cool^^