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  • clothing

    Hello all , for those of us who purchase clothing all have a favorite look . but risk losing it to leveling. or work hard in a event or spend money to get the event clothing only to come to the debate if you want to risk losing it to get more rage build up, get some look that you are not happy with or dont want to be seen in. they used to have a button where you could switch levels between two items, i used it several times. now its gone and i dont want to risk getting something i dont like for the amount of money we spend. like the gold wings we get for being above 62k br . if you level them you can lose them. i think they should bring that button to switch levels back or make a option where you can chose between the two looks and the one random . since you are spending that amount of money you should have a choice

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    You can switch between all looks you have unlocked at any time you can access your backpack. Just go to Clothing > Dressing Room and you'll see everything you've unlocked so far. Click on those you want to use and then "Save Figure". Nothing is lost this way.


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      don't make exactly the same post in 2 different board sections, decide in which it belongs most and post it there

      + already answered properly in the other topic you made about the exact same time.