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Are mages weak in PvP?

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  • Are mages weak in PvP?


    I'm a pretty new player, I have a lvl 25 mage. I wanted to know how mages do in pvp because since I hit lvl 20 it seems knights are a lot better in PvP and archers a little better. My brother plays a lvl 29 knight and says he only has issues sometimes with other knights and archers, but never with mages.

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    best pvp:

    rogue-> knight->mage->ranger->priest

    dats my opinion... mage is strong at high lvl after u hav obtain meteor...


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      i don't use meteor but i win most of the duels.
      and yes you need a gear that will let you start out right to make sure you use your spells as well.
      also make sure you have the ring set that gives you a chance to lessen the rage cost.

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        no there not weak its just you & maybe your build.


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          Thanks for the comments so far that actually tried to help. It's probably just one of those things where certain classes shine at certain level ranges, and I just hit a bad spot.
          The funny thing is, being new to the game I thought maybe it was somehow just me, but my brother who plays a knight says he destroys mages and only has issues dueling other knights and archers, so I decided to ask the question. And up until level 20 I was winning 95% of my duels and then all of a sudden it was like knight and archer damage jumped way up and mine stayed about the same.

          Any other helpful comments are welcome about this.


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            well for me a scion fire mage are the strongest >.<.... for me lol


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              I can see sacrasm there Rolltide, but what is a scion fire mage? I know, probably a noob question lol.
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                Originally posted by kyrotep View Post
                I can see sacrasm there Rolltide, but what is a scion fire mage? I know, probably a noob question lol.
                He was referring to Crystal Saga Not Wartunes. Not a Noobish question. Just simply another game. Happens a lot lately. People cant read so post on wrong forums.
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                  Mages are awesome i lost 3 times (i won 9 times but that's not the issue) i am a knight
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                    I see 2 wrong posts here. I haven't reached that high of a level in Warture yet, but as a lvl 15 I was winning all of my duels...
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                      in duels if it is same lvl players my knight usually beats mages unless he kills my paladins faster than i can kill his troops. One thing i noticed is that mages hit harder on paladins cause of their matks while knights suck with patk


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                        well mage not that bad if u play crit mage and have a good m attack


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                          as knight,i hate mage >.<
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                            Thanks for all the posts. I did some tweaking on my mage and now I am doing pretty good against other mages and archers, but I still have some issues with knights. But I am ok with that, since I am winning the majority of my duels now.


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                              Originally posted by Yvonnekl2 View Post
                              best pvp:

                              rogue-> knight->mage->ranger->priest

                              dats my opinion... mage is strong at high lvl after u hav obtain meteor...
                              eh wen fighting a person a priest is weak but when you think that they buff the knights etc and rouges just stun and thats what makes thma good at PVP so lowering them if they are against equal or above in pvp its got to be knight->priest->rouge->mage->ranger
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