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  • give me rune

    i want rune like everyone. i'm at lvl 39 now, but i still don't have a rune(brutality)

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    You know there still events about Brutal Runes right?

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      Originally posted by JohnNguyen View Post
      You know there still events about Brutal Runes right?

      Funny story. S1 Does not have that same event. I started a new toon a while back and completely noobed and traded my game given Brutality rune...ofc upon ticket its the standard "haha you fecked yourself, not our problem". So when I noticed on my main server this event, I logged back to S1 to check and on S1 you do NOT have the option to trade for rune.

      Ah well, only wasted a few days time and spent the money I intended to buy her wings/clothes with elsewhere.

      Point: the OP might not have same event
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        yeah,, bad event for someone


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          he can't learn and use rune
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            try to imagine or try for yourself how it feels when you play this game. where all people can use runes, while you yourself can not use it. and you've already bought balen quite a lot. maybe for you it does not mean because you have a lot of money.

            we know the event was still valid, and it is still quite a long time.
            we only want justice or redress for the event. like after every update and refine previous events.


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