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  • Mini Class War!

    Hello My name is Tunless lvl 77 Knight Br 90k.

    I just wanna suggest a Mini Class war for only in ur own server each month so that it can inspire more player to become stronger and are again to get strong if not able to get top 100 or stuff for good items, that all.

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    Don't you know the winner of your server if there mini CW?
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      I'd say no for the moment, because it makes wager more somewhat predictable. Don't get me wrong.
      I love to know results or have better luck in wager, but the info becomes public knowledge then
      thousands winners will have to share the measly betting pot. That kind of info is too much valuable
      for giving away advantages.

      I know this because last CW as predictable as sparring sessions to prepare for CW.
      Only good thing somethings still random was because my server doesn't have single guild domination.
      On other servers this will be so obvious, if they're oldest servers then the result is already set from Mini CWs.
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        I will go against above poster and say YES. but don't make the rewards as big. More for the fun out of it. But knowing R2, and greed of players, making the rewards as huge, will inspire more to cash a ton, then the "real CW" does... Suprised R2 hasn't thought of this yet xD