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my friend need rune

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  • my friend need rune

    i want the GM can give my friend new rune because after the new patch release my friend cant get the rune for the new character . my friend from
    288(razor cliffs) the nickname is â˜*♣ℋℜâ™*☣ he is from fatal fury guild , level 39 and full clothing. he is very needed rune for now please i hope the GM can give rune for my friend. and i'm from 288 too lvl 55 BR 42k. ty for your response

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    no one will give you or your friend a rune. You can receive a brutality rune from the hot events, while the blood and heal can be received from the tank events. The reason you hadn't received them yet is because they are so rare that they are aven announced by the system as rare items when received. Keep doing tank events because there is no way a g m will give you the runes. gl&hf


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      I want the GM to give me 100000 trainings whips as it is hard for me to get them without balens. Ty.
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