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everything is nerfed systematically, came to help administrators

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  • everything is nerfed systematically, came to help administrators

    Let's start with an example, for everything to be easier to understand, the 16 astrals, only 2 are good, the remaining 14 being misfortune and series of seven misfortune occur very often. That should be evidence of permanent damage chances of playing this game.
    If that does not seem enough chances rehash increasingly getting smaller and soketing rod crypt key, key elements in the growth of a character.
    All these and other aspects of the game, which deteriorates steadily lead me to say that this game administrators will remain only for those who want to invest money, so come with the request that those who have invested money in the game to leave as soon as this game to ease the work of those who have helped us to play so far.

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    So the people who pay to play. Those who support the game by helping pay for servers, dev wages etc... you want those to leave?

    And who is gonna replace the lost income?
    Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
    You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
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    Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.