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  • Gryphon

    I have lvl 27 Paladins, and I am wondering if Gryphons are better than Paladins. I don't know if I should continue using Paladin or switch to Gryphon. Is Gryphon worth getting to lvl 20? I also have enough Daru for lvl 28 Paladin, but I'm saving them up for now . I'm also a Mage, if that helps.
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    honestly it seems that there is a little disparity between the two creatures.. I mean if one you can unlock at level 20 and the other at level 30 the stats that they were at
    respectively even levels I am not sure what the right choice is. Now I have paladins at 28 and gryphons at 31 and here are there stats

    paladin lvl 28 gryphon lvl 31

    hp 900 hp 1482
    patk 1235 patk 1626
    pdef 1098 pdef 978
    mdef 518 mdef 792

    I might bring paladins up to level 31 just to make a fair comparison because I forgot to get the gryphon stats at 28.
    If somebody has stats for gryphon at 28 i would appreciate posting them here so I can update them.
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      I have level 29 palidons and 24 gryphons but at level 20 for the gryphon they were very close for stats comparison but gryphons r alot faster in attack speed so thats the reason why im sticking with Gryphons plus they can stun the enemy at a 50% chance.


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        Well, here's to summarize things. Comparison between both

        High in pdef & lower in everything

        High in mdef, hp, patk but low in mdef


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          I will say Gryphon better than Paladin, its lower pdef get covered easily by its higher hp and mdef plus we get higher patk and a stun atk chance.
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            Gryphons are better, but they're also a HUGE Daru investment. Paladins are cheaper to level, and you're going to end up wanting Knights anyways.

            So if you have a massive amount of Daru and/or you didn't invest much in your Paladins, Gryphons are worth it. If not, just stick with Paladins until level 40.


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              if you stick with paladins mages will kill them in 1 touch in arenas at level 30, the hp pool of the gryp is needed to survive at least 2 hits in arena batle


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                Gryphons have chance to stun oponent for one turn think about that