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    more hp for the boss, more hp = more damage = more rewards.
    make the boss use special skill, different for each boss so its not boring dead and revive


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      Just make it so that people that scored top three last weak get penalty, stacking one.

      That way three people don't keep snowballing with the non stop max reward.

      Lets say if you land on boss top 3 next world boss you do has 20% stat boost against you,that stacks unlimited, that evens things a bit.


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        Originally posted by bigguy31 View Post
        if the world boss is weak then why do they keep killing level 29-30 people instantly with one hit??
        because gotta have ppl buy those blanes....which i think is stupid,archers already get any extra attack but what ever


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          Get your math straight ppl... More HP for boss wont solve the problem. The % of dmg that each player does will not change. And even if it will, then it will change slightly and in favor of top dmg dealers.

          Its not the boss's HP or resistances that are problem, but simply your own gear/troops.


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            Maybe you guys didint noticed it yet that every day WB are stronger, they dealing same dmg but they got alot more hp, if we would get super mega strong boss at low lvls noone would kill it, i think its ok as it is one problem with them is reviev system it should be like you can reviev 5 times or so. If you want to keep players to play your game you should make sometin to let them be atleast a bit weaker than donators. Im casher, and i will donate even if you balance this game but still this game is to much pay to win at this lvl. Soon only rly the richest ppl will be able to be in top 3 damagers bcuz Like i said earlier WB are stronger every day so we need more time and revievs to kill it I need already spend 200 balens to stay in top 1 position