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Farm Event Idea

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  • Farm Event Idea


    I have thought about this for a little while and the more I think about it the more I like it, if there was some sort of a Farm leveling event to boost and enchance this game's system, it would be nice. Firstly because I have reached level 20 Farm and now I can only do one level per day, so an event that would reward either Farm EXP or Seeds would be nice, other goodies are always apreiciated too!

    The way I think of it is as follows:

    Players will have 1 week during wich the event will run to level their farm as high as possible.
    The higher the level, the higher the rewards.

    Rewards could look like this:

    Lv.10 Farm:
    50 Farm EXP
    [L1] Seed of Determination x 3

    Lv. 20 Farm:
    75 Farm EXP
    [L1] Seed of Determination x 5

    Lv. 30 Farm:
    110 Farm EXP
    [L1] Seed of Determination x 10

    Let me know what you think about this fellow players and GM's.
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