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  • Crypt Key Event

    Since the latest patch i have noticed crypt keys have been like removed from mystery chests in dungeons,at first i thought it was just me and bad luck,so i did a server poll and asked alot of people,roughly 80% answered *havent seen a crypt key since patch* so i dont know if you reduced the chance or what,but whatever,could you at least make in an event where you could use event tokens to get them ? Not all of us have wallets to support the *most expensive game on the internet*,quoted from another site lol,i used to do one full stam solo dungeon run a week and get anywhere from 1-5 ... now im just burning keys for nothing,i dont know if anyone else is noticing this ... but it really sucks ... so an event would be nice,im not asking for free handed to you crypt keys,but stick in a quest in events where the reward is a key ... or add into an event when you can use event tokens to get them.thx for your time if you actually read this.

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    1. Crypt Keys are still there. I got it a few times in DT, and in solo dungeon by around 10% rate.
    2. You seriously thinking those greedy ***** from R2 would listen to us? No way they would do something that will make them loses some money.
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      same... had a couple recently.


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        You might be blitzing the wrong dungeon?
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          Drop rates seem same overall, but **** for me (just my luck though). Blitzing Burdoths Grave, guildies get 1-2 a day, sometimes up to 4 (I get 1-2 a week but as a whole its about the right rate)