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    Originally posted by SirChuck View Post
    It says spin the fate wheel 10x for 1200 balens. What does the cost in balens doing the spins individually. I've only spun it once for 30 balens and then the next spin said 50.

    Obviously luck is involved but if I want to level my fate would it be best to pay the 200 balens to remove the lower two and spin 10 times?

    Thanks in advance
    Fate wheel balen-spins beyond your daily free spin increase in cost each time (similar to alchemy). Also, if you do a "Spin 10x" while you still have your free spin, the cost is 990 balens, which is still high, yes.


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      I did a spin 10x at first, not worth it (IMO). Now I do 4-5 spins total everyday depending how lucky I get. I just made to lv3 for CW prelims, and I'm happy with that.
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        Originally posted by anichaos View Post
        go ahead and post them up so I can see, thanks.

        Also, I already reported you. (not like R2 will do anything about it anyways, lol)
        Do you want to report this to your mother too?
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